Baby Registry Must-Haves 2019

Baby Shower Must Haves 2019

There are items every soon-to-be mom knows are needed, and there are some you’ve never even heard of. Highchair, car seat, stroller? Sure, you know the essentials. You’ve most likely picked out the paint colors for your new nurses and decided on the cute diaper bag you want, but now what do you put in them? What are the not-so-obvious items you should have? What do newborns need so you can put the baby registry must haves your wish list? We polled a group of moms with newborns and little ones to create a list of the clever essentials and must-have items for your baby registry.

 Rock n play 

This soothing sleeper hits the top of many must-have baby item lists across the internet. With raving reviews, this isn’t just a place to put your newborn down for naps, but a product you easily pack for your baby on-the-go, to be sure they have a safe, peaceful place to sleep wherever you are.

 Organic Baby Bodysuits 

One thing we can all agree on - you can never have enough of these. They’re perfect for an easy way to clean up messes and offer adorable options for our little models to wear. You might be asking if there are big benefits of clothing your baby in organic. Just remember, our skin is our largest organ, and babies have thin skin that absorbs a lot. That’s why we highly recommend buying organic baby clothes as often as you can, because the way your little one’s clothes are made is crucial in ensuring the thousands of potentially harmful chemicals, found in a lot of baby clothing, never gets into their bodies.

 Hatch Baby 

The makers of Hatch really flew to new standards with this one. You’ll never love a baby night light more once you add this beautiful, modern piece to your nursery. This 3-in-1 night-light made for babies also serves as a sound machine and alarm, all controllable by your cell phone. And with various noises to choose from, plus options to adjust as your child grows, this just be me the best night light, not just for babies but for kids too.

Meal Subscriptions 

Life as a new mom can be exhausting. With an adjusted sleep schedule and new daily priorities, cooking dinner can be a difficult chore. Thankfully, there are many healthy food delivery options that can be brought right to your door. No matter your diet or your taste preferences, opting into a weekly meal plan will be such a relief for you. Even though this is a top gift idea for new moms, it’s not something your friends and family might think of, so if you’re using an online baby registry, you add it to your wish list!

Handheld Vacuum 

Most moms have a little maid in them, and once you have a child, it only gets worse. You want to be sure your baby always has a clean space to sleep on, and that your toddler isn’t eating last week’s Cheerios off the mini-van floor. So what cleaning tools are best for busy moms? Consider a good vacuum for kids. We promise, a lightweight, handheld portable vacuum will become your new best friend. And it won’t cost you much, either.


Every parent knows they need them, but what binkies are the best? The plain old pacifiers will get the job done, but you might want to consider baby pacifiers that offer a little more. In our opinion, the best baby binkies and most practical pacifiers offer a little creative twist. The POP Paci is perfect for when these cry-stoppers fall on the ground and you’re not near a sink, so you don’t have to worry about the germs. In addition, these glow-in-the dark pacifiers will help during the middle-of-the night when you’re trying to soothe a crying baby but don’t want to put on a bright light.

Zutano Socks 

Baby booties and toddler shoes are absolutely adorable, but for fast moving feet, they can be challenging to stay on. So, are there actually any baby shoes that stay on? Zutano came up with a soft and comfy solution to solve that problem. These baby booties come with a Velcro closure to ensure they stay put. Made for the just born and growing babies, they have a wide variety of patterns and prints for cute infant shoes and  baby booties, and will be the perfect addition to your little one’s wardrobe.

 Shopping Cart Hammock 

Let’s talk about fitting groceries into a shopping cart with a car seat. Or, let’s never have to think about it again. BinxyBaby Shopping Cart Hammock offers shopping cart cover for babies, helping moms manage shopping trips easier than ever. Now, babies can comfortably rest as their mamas check off their grocery lists. This shopping cart hammock safely cradles the baby with a built-in seat harness, freeing up the space below it. Brilliant!

 Forehead Thermometer 

This product might be a little on the pricier side ($60), but it’ll help when your baby seems sick and you’re trying to decide what to do. Most babies fight fevers before turning one, and when they’re showing symptoms, it’s easy to panic. This thermometer will help you confirm high temps before calling your doctor or rushing to the ER. This easy to use thermometer doesn’t have to be sterilized after each use and provides fast, accurate and safe features. There’s a reason it’s been voted one of the best thermometers on the market and has been named the #1 baby thermometer.

 Brilliant Baby Aids

We’re giving you three items that will be life changers during your first few months of being a new mom. The items that make us say, “now why didn’t I think of that.” These cheap baby item necessities will make your life easier.

First up is the “Secure a Toy,” for less than $5 bucks, you can keep your baby’s teether and toys off the floor forever.  Next is the “Itzy Ritzy Hush Happens Door Silencer,” which is sure to a be an item you never knew you needed, but will be so glad to have. The “Silencer” will allow your entry or escape to be as slick as a spy, preventing sounds like clicks or creeks when you open their nursery door, which can wake up your sleeping angel. Lastly, “Nightlights,” a popular household item you need to add to baby proof your home. Before babies, most moms don’t realize how dark their house can be in the middle of the night. But welcome to parenthood, when you forget about the laundry basket you left in the hall or don’t see the sleeping dog in the doorway. When you’re up all hours of the night, you’ll be thankful you plugged in a few well-placed nightlights to see all the little hazards in your home so you can avoid a fall.


Happy registering and shopping! If you’re reading this blog and getting ready to have a baby or looking to buy a gift for an upcoming shower, shop Mustard Seed Baby for adorable bodysuits, blankets, bibs, and beanies and take 10% off when you input code MUSTHAVEOFF at checkout!