4 Tips For Planning the Perfect Baby Shower, The Second Time Around

Baby Shower Ideas

We know every baby, deserves a celebration, but often, a baby shower for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th baby, are overlooked.  By celebrating, we are not just welcoming their little one into this world, we are also honoring the parents for a continued job, well done.

A baby shower celebration doesn’t have to be a big event or be all about gifts and games, it can be small, simple, elegant and layered with meaning.  Here are some unique tips in how to plan the perfect Mustard Seed Baby Shower, the second time around!


Baby Shower Invitation


1. Make Truly Meaningful Invitations

Get creative but add purpose with baby shower invites!  One great idea is to personalize the invite with a biblical scripture, picked specially for “this” baby.  The scripture can be printed on separate 3 x 5 cards and used later as a bible marker, for those that attended.  Adding words that inspire from day one, will make your invite, unique and special, just like your little one.

2. Use Positive Affirmations

Surround the couple with a small group of close friends and family members!  Once, gathered, go around the room celebrating both mommy and daddy for the amazing job they are doing raising their family. Take turns pouring into to them, loving affirmations that express what you love and admire about them the most.


Baby Shower Cupcakes


  • 3. Get Fun and Healthy Desserts

  • For those that are intentional about what their family eats, creating desserts that are delicious and guilt free aren’t difficult to do.  For sugar free and gluten free cupcakes, substitute the sugar with Erythritol Sugar for a butter frosting, and flour with Gluten-Free all-purpose Flour for the cup cake batter.  Everyone will delight in the extra effort that you put into their well beginning.

    Party Favors

    4. Add Creative Party Favors For the Perfect Finishing Touch

    Sea Salt Party Favors are an easy and nurturing way to say Thank You!  By adding a pinch of lavender to a handful of sea salt and bundling it up in decorative beautiful packaging, everyone will appreciate the gift of a party favor and enjoy the memories as they soak in a hot bath after a fabulous baby shower. The final layer to an already joyful experience!