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Little Books for Little Ones; Under 4

Bedtime is one of the most precious times of the day. It’s the time when we tuck our little ones into bed, with prayers to God to keep them safe and to fill their minds with sweet dreams.  It’s the time to reflect on the day together and plan for tomorrow. So, with the day winding down, it’s also the perfect time to read a children’s book that will offer great messaging and fun graphics to keep them engaged.   It’s not easy knowing what books to add to your little one’s book collection.    We reached out to our mommy groups and asked them to give us their list, and these are some of their top picks and ours:    ...

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4 Tips For Planning the Perfect Baby Shower, The Second Time Around

We know every baby, deserves a celebration, but often, a baby shower for the 2nd, 3rd or 4th baby, are overlooked.  By celebrating, we are not just welcoming their little one into this world, we are also honoring the parents for a continued job, well done. A baby shower celebration doesn’t have to be a big event or be all about gifts and games, it can be small, simple, elegant and layered with meaning.  Here are some unique tips in how to plan the perfect Mustard Seed Baby Shower, the second time around!     1. Make Truly Meaningful Invitations Get creative but add purpose with baby shower invites!  One great idea is to personalize the invite with a biblical scripture,...

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